Wednesday, September 16

A market for farmers

Should the Portland Farmers' Market remain a farmers market? Or should it expand to allow prepared foods and booksellers and a complete organo-Disney-playland?
"We have a waiting list for farmers at both markets," said market coordinator Larry Bruns of Hanson Field Flower Farm. "That's why I'm not pushing for farmers to do prepared foods. I'd like to save room for more farmers," via Portland Press Herald.

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Blogger lizzie lou said...

one of the most awesome farmers' markets i've ever been to is the 32nd street market in baltimore (here). there are tons of additional vendors, including bakeries, prepared foods, and great coffee. it doesn't take away from the farmers or their wares, and it makes the market much more of a destination; lots of people spend half the day there eating, talking, and listening to music. maybe i'm wrong, but it seems like there's plenty of room in deering oaks to expand the market!

Anonymous heather said...

I agree with letting the Deering oaks market expand, but I can understand the concern for the adorned Wednesday market in Monument Sq. There isn't as much room for the vendors there. I'd personally prefer to see more meat & cheese vendors allowed in before glassblowers and jewelers.

Blogger Kate said...

I agree that Deering Oaks has room to expand, but as far as Monument Sq., the 'crap' vendors are renting tables from the market house, and therefore not necessarily taking up space that could be for farmers.

Blogger Corey Templeton said...

I agree with Heather, "I'd personally prefer to see more meat & cheese vendors allowed in before glassblowers and jewelers." Portland needs more stores and resources for locals. I'm not against the stores that operate solely for tourists but a 'farmers' market should cater more for the residents of the city.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed; Saco's sad-sack farmers' market is 30% bric-a-brac, though there's ample room to expand since it's held in a supermarket parking lot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portland and area really need to expand their markets. The tiny markets with a small handful of vendors selling at outrageous prices are joke. I come from a small city but the saturday market there has over 200 vendors. It's a great way to spend the morning, browsing the stands to decide what you're going to make for dinner for the next several days. You'll make several trips to your car with all the food you bought. In Portland, you're lucky to fill a single bag before you run out of cash.


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