Tuesday, September 29

RIP report: White Heart Bar

The White Heart, at 551 Congress St., has closed, but owner Anthony Hodge, of New Hampshire, tells the Portland Daily Sun he'd like to sell.
"I have two or three people that are really interested in it, one happens to be an existing employee."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we also assume that Luna Rossa is dead on arrival? Haven't seen anybody in there in weeks. Any updates?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

step one: turn down the music so people can talk to each other.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what the real story was here with this quote:

"I'm retired. I built the White Heart for my daughter, and she moved on in her life, and I ran it for the last couple of years with managers."

Blogger jenga207 said...

I think they'll reopen. They alway look pretty busy Thurs-Sat. Personally, I don't like squishing through a hundred people to get to the bathroom. It's like a railroad apartment that's way over capacity

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They may reopen some day but the licensing process does not work very fast.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone know who the land lord is?? Id like to speak with him/her!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

White heart already purchased! New owners trying to be hush for now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it'll be the long-awaited return of The Skinny! LOL.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good move, keep the purchase quiet so no one will know that you may reopen.

Anonymous Kate Brown said...

How ironic that the bar that I caused the most trouble in closed on the EXACT day that I flew off to move out of town. I love how that personal narrative ties up in a nice little package with an Urban Outfitters bow.


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