Friday, October 23

Foodiotic trends

One of the 10 worst dining trends of the last decade:
"You can't judge a restaurant from its opening night. It may be exciting to be there early. But to review it based on that first day is crazy and wrong," via Chicago Tribune.
David Chang told New York Magazine about another notable trends that he hates:
Type A's who take pictures and notes on the food at Ko, via Grub Street.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaking of type A's... hahahahahaha

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows, is actuallly Erik Desjarlais or his manager Stephen. Nothing better to do I guess....

Fuck You,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't list "Self Acclaimed Portland Food Critics" who have never worked in a Fuckin' Kitchen!

Anonymous Erik D said...

Yeah, between working 6 to 7 days a week, sleeping, hanging out with my pregnant wife and herding 2 cats and a border collie, I have time to do that.

Oh, wait....we spent 30 minutes apple picking a few weeks ago........then went to Target so I could buy clippers so I could shave my head. (barber???? no time.....) I picked up some nice black pants for work, and some socks too.

I shouldn't even be responding to bullshit like this, but you all seem to have your panties in a bunch over anonymous bloggers.

The fact that you waste your time reading muck like that escoffier dick, then post fodder like above reminds me why I stopped reading blogs, especially anonymous ones.

Stephen doesn't even read bullshit online, and when he's not working at Evangeline (6 to 7 days a week) he hangs out with his son. Or goes bowling. Exciting. (Oh, then there was the time he built tables until 3 AM at Evangeline so we could make room for at least SOME of the 120 person wait list.)

Way to point fingers. I really have too much going on in my life to be a part of this gradeschool stuff. Why doesn't the "anonymous" guy up there come in to Evangeline and accuse me to my face? Because like anonymous bloggers, he has no balls, and probably never will.

Gotta go strain veal stock. And clean the kitchen. Then place orders. In the real world. Then, home to cook for Krista-and-a-half, have a beer, give Greenies to the cats and go to bed.

Erik D

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site. Funny. Much more interesting than reading fucking boring food reviews by local assholes, who have never worked in a Portland kitchen, then gripe about every restaurant in town, then post their own Shitty recipes telling us how "everyone loved it".

Keep up the entertainment folks!

Anonymous JOE F. said...

it pains me, severely, to agree with a certain someone, but this escoffier guy is a flaccid whiskey dick.


Blogger johnnyd said...


As anyone who saw the rise and fall of "The Full Comp" blog in Boston in 2007 knows, you can't spew shizz on the peeps and expect to survive very long.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting timing on the end of the blog, don't you think?

Blogger johnnyd said...

It died the same death "The Full Comp" did in May '07.

Gwen Butler (waitress who got $2 million tip in'06) started an anonymous blog about Boston restaurant workers. Updated daily, it had gossip and nasty opinion that eventually got her a CAD from Eastern Standard owner's attorney.

It lasted a month. Gwen moved to NYC.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flew too close the sun, IMO.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen Keys, Mitchell Gerow, and Erik Desjarlais how is business? You must know what cobwebs look like..... Must have plenty of time to eat out and blog when you are always dead! Whatever happened to the idea of putting curtains in the front windows so no one could ever see how empty the dining room is! Erik, I am pretty sure the consultant that was hired by your investors recommended you do that first! Oh....and how is Bandol and Ladle? Oh, ya....they are closed because you have no idea how to run a business or be a boss. "You can stop giving crap excuses why they are closed!") How is the staff turn over? Oh, one in the city will work for you because you are such a dick!
Even the National Press that you pay for doesn't help you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ Bitter Douche.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"even the national press you pay for can't help you."

dude, I'm sorry if someone peed on your rug. You seem
a little bit upset with me. And, people don't buy national press. An we don't have a PR dick or a "consultant". Normal restaurants don't use that shit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

paging hard-on smith. clean up in condiment aisle, please

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YUSS! I love snark!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of talking behind peoples backs.....Does anyone have anything good to say about Erik and the Evangeline crew? Cuz I never hear anything good. I hear a lot about how his screams, argues, and is a total prick! How he believes that the customer is never right and just pretty much sucks at life. Why are you always at work when you never have any customers? And how is your wife Erik? Did she leave you yet....She could do so much better!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Quick response for someone as busy as you claim to be!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And funny.....krista is actually a lot meaner than Erik. And, I have heard that chefs scream once in a while.
What the fuck?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullshit she is!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stalkers suck.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erik is destined to fail at everything, and I can assure you that Wylie Dufresne did not love Bandol, the culinary epicenter of Portland. I can assure you, however, that Bandol would occasionally do zero covers on a Saturday night - just like Evangeline will.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My door is always open if you want to come in and talk about these issues you have with me. Until then, let it alone.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No fun being the target from an anonymous source is it? What goes around comes around.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Guys! Stop It! Please! Please?! Wah Wah Waaah! I don't like it when the tables are turned on me! wah! Waaah!

Anonymous shuthefuckup said...

you people are shooting accusations at the wrong party. leave the guy alone. i know everyone who works there, and they are all nice people and talented as well. I work next door and spend quite a bit of time with these guys. bringing his personal life and marriage in to this shit is just poor taste. they will be great parents.
i can assure you, they don't buy press, as you say, and they don't use a pr person.
eric seems to get a ton of negativity from anonymous people. if you hate him that much, go in and tell him. he would certainly do the same for you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He always seems ok on the surface. It's the horrible dark side that happens when he's drunk at 2 a.m. that you have probably never seen. Scary, horrible, and depraved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, ejohnson, your bad side shows even when your name isn't posted.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus fucking Christ. Who ARE you? I'm sure Eric is sleeping at 2 am. Someone has an axe to grind.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One does have to ask them self why erik has so much venom aimed at him all the time. He should probably ask himself that. If the only answer he only comes up with, "they must be fucking jealous", then he really is a lost cause. Erik has spewed so much hatred around this town that is is amazing that he does not seem to see the connection. He must feel his hate to be justified, and everyone else's to be misguided. which is basically the definition of insanity. He is one of our most talented cooks, and it really does break my heart that he seems so determined to destroy himself and, I fear, his wife. Erik, you have made your gripes public, and this is the result. You could be one of the elite cooks in the north east, if you just turned your computer off and stayed in the kitchen. it's not too late. Actually it might be......


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