Sunday, October 4

Raw cider

Raw cider has been made safely without pasteurization for centuries. Until now. Bob Sewall, a postpasteurian and apple farmer in Lincolnville, talks with MPBN about the FDA's ban on retail sales of unpasteurized cider.

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Blogger Brett Weir said...

Meanwhile, did Herb's Gully close? I noticed the sign isn't visible from Middle Street, and the number has been disconnected.

Blogger Kate said...

I just drank a lot of unpasturized cider at the 20 Mile Meal, and I lived to tell about it (shhh, our little secret).

Blogger Scott said...

When I was a kid, growing up on a dairy farm, I used to drink the raw milk straight from the tank. (Oh no! The horrors!!)

I still drink raw milk and cider and I've never been sick from either one.

Blogger Scott said...

Another thought about pasteurization:

My girlfriend brought home some organic heavy whipping cream from the store she works at because it had expired and they could no longer sell it. This is the "ultra-pasteurized" stuff.

Ok, so according to the date on the package it expired on September 18. I opened the carton a few days ago, probably around the end of September, used some, and put the rest of it back in the fridge with the top pinched shut.

Today is October 7 and the cream still smells and tastes fine.

What does this say about the things we do to our food? This must have come out of the cow at least a month ago and it still hasn't spoiled, even though it's only been kept in the fridge, not frozen.


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