Friday, October 30

Wolfing season

As Sam Hayward expressed in a brief, informal study of predation in the Portland restaurant ecology, an unprecedented wave of new restaurants and a short summer means one thing: It’s like adding wolves to caribou habitat.

The latest casualty: Una. Rumored to be going under in December. [Updated 12/20] And replaced with a Siano's.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No better way of separating out the ones who really do it right from the ones who just don't get it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

they had food?

Blogger johnnyd said...

Not a rumor, and probably sooner.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Escoffiereatsportland has gone the way of Delicious Portland... Douche bag liar pulled his blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess a certain someone got a little paranoid

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another detail that points to Delicious and Escoffier being the same person.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paranoid.... try scared! Not to mention soon to be unemployed. How's business?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Grace - what are you? Restaurant, night club, bar? Jack of all trades is a master of none. Please find your identity. FYI - amplified music sounds not so good in churches. Please leave live music to the music venues as they leave fine dining to you and other restaurants in town. I know you are drowning in debt, but by trying to do everything under one roof is not the solution.

Blogger Frank Bishop said...

People are so bitter about Grace, it's pathetic.

It's not your restaurant, get over it.

If you know how to run a restaurant in a church then buy one and do it.

Otherwise, STFU.

Blogger Frank Bishop said...

Same goes for all of the BS written on this site about Eric Desjarlais and others.

If you fancy yourself a reviewer, then start up a blog. Blogger is free, kids.

Lobbing ad hominems behind a cloak of anonymity is, well, lame.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Devious, don't move!

Anonymous AndyP said...

Well said Frank!

Anonymous AndyP said...

Well said Frank!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Rivalries bought out Una and added maybe a gaming room with pool tables, video games, bar....stuff like that. Anything they would do there would be successful I'm sure.

The French Press Eatery was supposed to open today but they had the closed sign up today. Maybe they are just opening for lunch.

Also, I was reading an old article about Luna Rossa and how they had already sunk half a million into it. How do you put that much money into a place and not even open it?


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