Thursday, November 19

Blue Spoon burgers

A Hamburger Today hits the $10 grass-fed burgers at the Blue Spoon:
At first I was concerned about a lack of salt, but the more I ate the more I realized beef this good is fine without much sodium. In fact, it's better than fine. Clearly, the Blue Spoon knows it's best to let the meat speak for itself, via MPS.

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Blogger Mike said...

Mmmmm...drool...Blue Spoon everything just right...mmmm, still drooling. Not sure if they have them now but my favorite thing is their figs wrapped in prosciutto.

I hope Portlanders who haven't been there do the right thing and march up the hill with an appetite (;

* Wife works there but I pay for my meals so the FTC can't touch me. Wink.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beef that speaks for itself without enough salt??
That's a new one.

Anonymous James T said...

It's cute that the Salt Exchange chef thinks he's nominated for a Beard Award....


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