Monday, November 2

Foraged apple share


Anonymous stephen said...

sorry, can't find your email address, so using comments to communicate:
FYI...Katahdin restaurant has a big "for lease" sign on it..
If possible, could you change the title for the link to my blog from "Stephen Smith" to "Stephencooks" - I'm retiring the Stephen Smith brand in favor of Stephencooks..thanks! I love your blog, BTW..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a bad time to open a restaurant?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's always a bad time to open a restaurant.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, Katahdin has a lease sign on it. Also, the easiest restaurant prediction on Earth has occured. All the signs for Luna Rossa have been taken down at the Pavillion. Can't imagine how much they spent to try and open it but it's better than what they would have lost had they opened.

Also Jordan's has an under contract sign. Nothing to do with food...yet, but just throwing it out there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about "Cakes Extraordinaire" ???

See design layout here:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Grace - what are you? Restaurant, night club, bar? Jack of all trades is a master of none. Please find your identity. FYI - amplified music sounds not so good in churches. Please leave live music to the music venues as they leave fine dining to you and other restaurants in town. I know you are drowning in debt, but by trying to do everything under one roof is not the solution.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katahdin is going into Geo's old space on Forest Ave, Portland Stage Building. Lease is signed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how much it costs to heat a place like Grace in the dead of a typical Maine winter.

Blogger Anne said...

In our year long renovations we didn't even think about heat. Thanks so much for the insight. Oh wait, that is what the insulation all through the ceiling, the air lock at the entrance, the 3 foot thick walls and the state of the art HVAC system helps us with. Hmm, maybe we aren't morons... Give me a break anonymous posters- go hate on someone else for a change.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think I hate Grace? I was just curious. I've never been to Grace, I only saw pictures recently in a magazine, which made be wonder about heating costs, as I'm looking for my own space to open in Portland.
My father in law has been to Grace, and he said it was really noisy. (He's an old guy so who cares)

Blogger Anne said...

Sorry for the tone, Anonymous, it just happens to be the most overheard, read comment we deal with when people discuss their failure wishes for us. This of course is why I should stop reading blog posts and getting nasty myself. I do apologize.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne, your tone was fine, especially for reading the "jack of all trades, master of none" comment. You got a big place there in kind of a hidden spot to people who don't know about it so I don't blame you for trying different things to see what sticks. I'm guessing the fall/winter will be a better time for you with the Merrill crowds. I'm gonna come check it out soon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm a different anon then the other one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon#3 i agree

Anonymous David Raymond said...

Looks like it's Dance Party USA by next summer!
The Phoenix Stained Glass, anyone?


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