Friday, November 20

Shrimp share: Portland

Shrimp season starts December 1. What would it take to get a shrimp CSF in Portland?
“In order to make it feasible, we’d have to have 40 or more people sign up in any location,” Kim Libby told the BDN.
And apparently, there's already a pick-up location in the works.

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Anonymous AGP said...

Why is the price so high in Port Cylde? At the Northern Shrimp CSF in New Hampshire fresh Maine shrimp is $1.80 max a lb and in Port Cylde they are $5.00. Not to mention any fish vendor in Portland sells them for less.

And the Shrimp from the Island Institute CSF are $1.50 per lb.

Blogger Blueberry Files said...

Hey shrimp, I can't wait to eat you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself........................................

Anonymous Anonymous said...

*banging on microphone*

Hello? This thing on?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

El Rayo has offered their parking lot for pick up.

Anonymous George said...

Portland: Pick-up between 3-4pm pm bi-weekly on Saturdays at El Rayo, 101 York Street in Portland. CSF deliveries on January 9th, January, 23nd, February 6th, February 20th, March 6th, and March 20th. El Rayo is excited to be the pick-up location and will be featuring Maine shrimp ceviche and spicy Maine shrimp tacos for the season.


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