Wednesday, December 23

Tony's coming to town

Anthony Bourdain is coming to Portland in January. Lydia Tenaglia, Executive Producer says:
We’ve had Maine on the short list for several seasons now. However, picking each season’s line-up is not a matter of throwing darts at a map.... I strongly encourage you to send in a detailed list of people/places that we should visit there. Nothing sells a location more than a list of “What’s Not To Be Missed.” You can send that to contact [at], via No Reservations.
[Updated] He went to Street & Co. and J's Oyster. What can you say? He likes good service.

[Updated] Bourdain tells the BDN that Portland has too many transplants to be considered the real Maine.

[Updated 4/13] Watch the show.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Street & Co Saturday Jan 2

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why would he bother going there?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jumped the shark!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me he's really not going to Street & Co out of all the wonderful places to visit in Portland.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rumor has it he's going to Emilitsa for "authentic" Greek food. Being from New York he'd recognize the menu and design of the restaurant as being copied directly from Pylos, a Greek restaurant in Manhattan. And you thought Erik and Harding were the worst restaurant operators in Portland...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww....Portland represented by Dana Street and Joe Ricchio? I'm embarassed to live here.

Anonymous Bart said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erik, Please...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because YOUR bar is empty and you have nothing else to do..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I wouldn't exactly refer to YOU as "thin and trim" these days either!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, watch out; he might put your head in that duck press thingie.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Krista's kinda pretty, though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

emilista even still open? overpriced.
bourdain always goes to bars - which one in portland? 188? jays? awful annies? joe's house?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erik Desjarlais clearer message: Portland being dubbed the "foodiest small town" in America is a crock of shit. Andrew Knowlton is out of his fu#*^ng mind. Get over yourself Portland.



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