Wednesday, December 23

All your foods are belong to Internets

Brian Duff analyzes the year in food for The Phoenix and gives us this professorial gem:
[T]here will likely be many folks opening restaurants that they simply shouldn't. Anyone who does will confront an online community of food-obsessives who have sometimes gotten downright ugly this year — with personal attacks, off-kilter rants, and ill-advised opening-night reviews. In such an environment, and with so many great restaurants already established in our small city, it's a wonder anyone has the guts to open another, via The Phoenix.
The more acute problem remains the lack of a single restaurant reviewer worth reading. Seriously, where is the Jonathan Gold of Maine?



Blogger Jane said...

The lack of restaurant reviewers is directly related to the willingness of publication outlets to pay them. Alas, the publishing industry is not a happy place to be these days. Bloggers help but they aren't getting paid, so cannot be expected to meet high standards for regular publication and fact-checking.

Anonymous F. Bruni said...

Maine has never had a passable restaurant reviewer. CZ Kramer? Come on, now. She was terrible. English? Duff? King? I've heard a third grader wax poetic about a PBJ sandwich with more talent than these hacks.

Anonymous LOL Cat said...

I's can poop on you's, professor Duff? My LOL Cats friendz hatez yur pathetic ass.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the magazine you work for will add a critical food reviewer?

Blogger Brett Weir said...

Well said, anonymous. Maine Home + Design and Maine Mag, where Mr. Portland Pissed makes the rent money, is an especially egregious offender on this front. The reviews are Colbertesque: "Whatever place we're writing about--great restaurant, or the greatest restaurant?"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly great food writers need great food to write about. Portland is too nice a town to embrace a writer who will take all the overrated restaurants to task. What we have is a culinary pollyanna where mediocrity is boosted by mediocrity, I don't care if mainstream middle-brow writers for the Times and the Rachel Ray Show say otherwise, it only proves the point.


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