Wednesday, July 29

Green is gold

Photo: E. Atterbury

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Tuesday, July 28

Two takes

Two tastes of new restaurants:
Restaurant Grace: I am sure I am destined for hell for saying this but my first thought upon walking in was not one of divinity but debauchery. It felt like it could be the ultimate dance club.

The Corner Room Kitchen & Bar: The Caesar was just as good as the one at the Front Room. There could have been a lot more truffle action in my macs for my taste, but I understand why they went for subtlety, via Tips from a Dweller.

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Thursday, July 23

Ice Cream

Late-night ice cream block party: Tonight, 5-11 p.m. 46 Pine St (behind Bonobo). [Updated] "Two Scoops" has Sunday specials.

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Lobsters of Portland

Gum print: Anna Low/Rabelais

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Wednesday, July 22

Kon Asian Bistro

Do excessive drinking and over-the-top Buddha statues make good food?
I really believe that it's the decor that somehow captivates everyone's attention that they're not even aware of the lackluster food. They're a wannabe pan-asian restaurant that only touches base with the most basic of mainstream Asian cuisine, via Chowhound.

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Tuesday, July 21

Frosted Cupcake Factory

Regular addition to Tommy's Park: $1.50 cupcakes; $2 with sprinkles. Marisa and Ted can be reached at frostedccf at

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Monday, July 20

Breweries per capita

Sunday, July 19

Sunday Read: The high cost of cheap shrimp

Laura Shapiro reviews Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture in this week's New York Times Book Review.
Despite what’s jotted down on the restaurant check, there’s no such thing as cheap shrimp, via NYT.

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Friday, July 17

Portland Taps

Caleb O'Connell runs the best site for finding cheap beer specials (Genny Cream Ale, $1.50 on draft!) online: Portland Taps.

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Week in Review, July 17

Terrence Henry went to Fore Street restaurant on Tuesday (1). So did Martha Stewart (2), and Rachel Ray was planning a trip there today (3). Excess noise was a "vital issue" in the Old Port (4), the state experienced its worst red tide in 30 years (5), and a gardener grew an "extremely handsome" strawberry (6).

The wild blueberry industry planned to "play the origin game much harder" (6) and turkeys crossing the road were an indication of the blueberry season's start (7). Stripers would inevitably cross the road, spend lots of money, and make Kon Asian Bistro fun (8) although the food there was reportedly tasted "awful" (9). Harding Smith asked his hostess to ask a customer to leave after insulting his restaurant (10); Smith's business was also down because of the weather (10.5).

The Nearing homestead reopened for the summer (11), a candlepin bowling alley opened in Millinocket (12), a Waterville writer suggested offering refuge to Uighurs by giving them Bolley's Famous Franks (13), and Mount Desert Island Ice Cream attempted to make a massaman curry ice cream (14). The first 12 Seats sold out (15).

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Thursday, July 16

Portland Diner

Another attempt at inventorying Southern Maine restaurants: Portland Diner (who says, "Portland, Maine has more restaurants per capita than almost any other city in America.")

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Wednesday, July 15

RIP Report: Local Wolfe's Neck Beef

Wolfe's Neck Farm is closing its Freeport operation because they would need more cattle to be economical, which would be bad for the environment and the nearby clam flats.
Its primary operation is now a large feedlot with about 2,000 cattle in Fort Fairfield, an operation that is much more economical than the Freeport farm, via Press Herald.

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Pork Sandwich

Photo: Bryan Buchman/

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Sunday, July 12

Foraging urchin

Thursday, July 9

RIP Report: O'Natural's

Word on the street: O'Natural's, 83 Exchange Street, in Portland will have its last day on July 25. [Update 6/11] A bad winter and "fierce" competition attributed to the planned close, according to the PPH.

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Tart card

Design: FSNM/

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Wednesday, July 8

Portland's CSF

Community supported fisheries arrive in Portland this Saturday. Get a share:
Shares of fin fish run for 8 weeks, whole and half shares are available. The Nieuwkerks will demonstrate how to fillet your fish at your first pickup. For more info click here or contact: Lucinda Nieuwkerk 985-7535 or nieuwkerk (at)
Still hoping for CSB.

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Monday, July 6

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's in Portland? The Phoenix thinks so.


Saturday, July 4

Portland's best sausage

Winner of The Bollard's second, biennial Smokin' Sausage Showdown between Pat’s, Fresh Approach, Moran’s Market, and SoPo's The Meat House:
After the first Showdown, some judges thought the Hot Italian from Moran’s was the best of all. This year, it was unanimous. This monster had an instantly juicy, peppery burst, but without the blistering heat we expected from that first bite. It had a nice combination of coarse and grainy textures, and left a lingering heat the others didn't.
More from the 2007 sausagefest.

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Friday, July 3

Week in Review, July 3

Crops were rotting because of the rain (1), out-of-state aerial sprayers were authorized because of the rain (2), and scientists said this was the earliest late blight had spread across the Northeast because of the rain (3). Tuna at Shaw's was recalled because of its potential to cause a tingling sensation in the mouth (4). Even pigs were tired of the rain (5).

“All chefs can be frustrated by the buying public sometimes,” said Clark Frasier (6). Maine still had the fattest adult population in New England (7), a new whoopie pie festival offered tastes of 20 pies for $5 (8), and Ebenezer's had 800 beers (9). Portland was still rumored to have the most number of restaurants per capita (10), but the city's old motto used to be "More Bars In More Places" (11). Amy Martin said Wharf Street was filled with "tramped out 'ladies,' and the men who adore them" (12).

Area farmers composted Coffee By Design’s used grounds (13). PeTA suggested that Robert Indiana amend his sign to read "EAT vegetarian," but the artist declined (14). Maine caviar showed up at the fancy food festival, a poultry vaccine maker expanded (15), and a Scarbough gardener said basil was worth $8 per pound (16). It was suggested that local food wasn't going to save the world (17).

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Thursday, July 2

Lobster Scene for Island Boy

Acrylic: Barbara Cooney

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Sweetgrass gin

Maine gin, Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery, profiled in Down East:
The blueberries are just part of Sweetgrass’ proprietary blend of botanicals that were chosen to not only taste good but evoke the smells — pine trees, ocean air, blueberry barrens — of Maine.

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Mussel CSF

Hand-harvested mussels from Harpswell's Phil Gray will be available beginning Friday July 17 for weekly or prepaid shares with pickups at Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, 17 Pleasant Avenue. Contact him.

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Wednesday, July 1

Flo's Hot Dogs

Illus.: Hawk Krall

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The Corner Room Kitchen

Harding Lee Smith's Corner Room Kitchen and Bar looks like it's ready to open. Opens Thurs. July 2, 5 p.m. More here.

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