Wednesday, September 30

Photo: Mikael Kennedy,
Oct. 2, 41 Wharf St.

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Tuesday, September 29

RIP report: White Heart Bar

The White Heart, at 551 Congress St., has closed, but owner Anthony Hodge, of New Hampshire, tells the Portland Daily Sun he'd like to sell.
"I have two or three people that are really interested in it, one happens to be an existing employee."

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Friday, September 25

Common Ground

This is the first year for coffee at the CGCF.
For most of the history of the Common Ground Country Fair, coffee sales were prohibited [inside the fence] for a variety of reasons, including the fact that in 1977 no reliable sources of organically grown and processed coffee existed. Another strong consideration was the Fair's focus on Maine food, via MOFGA.
Well, it's not 1977 any more. Next year, the committee on micromanaging fair fare plans to ban donuts made without whole wheat flour, at least that's the hope. [Update: covers the fair.]

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Tuesday, September 22

Foraged apple share

Monday, September 21

Community Supported Cafe

Local Sprouts was part of a CSK roundup on Serious Eats.
Local Sprouts is opening a Community Supported Cafe in 2010, which will feature a local foods menu, community events and workshops, local food retail, and art.
[Updated 9/25] The PPH covers the story.

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Maine oysters

A guide to 12 kinds of Maine oysters from Rowan Jacobsen: Glidden Points, Gay Islands, Dodge Coves, Wiley Points, Spinney Creeks, Wawenauks, Flying Points, North Havens, Norumbegas, Taunton Bays, Pemaquids, Winter Points, via Down East. [Updated: Barb Scully of Glidden Point was featured in The New York Times.]


Wednesday, September 16

Foraged apple share

A market for farmers

Should the Portland Farmers' Market remain a farmers market? Or should it expand to allow prepared foods and booksellers and a complete organo-Disney-playland?
"We have a waiting list for farmers at both markets," said market coordinator Larry Bruns of Hanson Field Flower Farm. "That's why I'm not pushing for farmers to do prepared foods. I'd like to save room for more farmers," via Portland Press Herald.

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Anarchic times

The New York Times's Julia Moskin thinks Portland's cruise ships are long gone for the year (they're not), but Moskin also says (quite accurately) that the "combination of culinary idealism and anarchy" is here to stay:
In the last decade, Portland has undergone a controlled fermentation for culinary ideas — combining young chefs in a hard climate with few rules, no European tradition to answer to, and relatively low economic pressure — and has become one of the best places to eat in the Northeast, via NYT.
There's also a slideshow of Stacey Cramp's photos and outtakes. See also, the PPH's coverage of the news and the discussion on Chowhound.

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Foraged apple share

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Friday, September 11

Bowl Portland

Bowl Portland, a big-ball, 10-pin lane is reportedly in the works for 8 Alder St. in Bayside. It may even have live music and:

The restaurant will serve pub-style food, via The Forecaster.


Wednesday, September 9

A is for Apple

Monday, September 7

O is for Otto

The Bollard lists good deals for students and the destitute, including this one for Otto:
The delicious, New York–style slices at this new Portland pizzeria are cheap and served until 2 a.m. on weekends, but that’s not why they’re in this directory. Let’s not kid ourselves: these kind of features are just a crass attempt to stroke advertisers and lure new ones. How’s that for cheap? At least we admit it. (576 Congress St., Portland; 773-7099,
This month's issue also includes a must-read on where to find "Java for Nada."

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Sunday, September 6


Imbibe Magazine has named Allagash White in its list of dessert beers and its Tripel was picked as one of the “beers to serve to your friend who claims to be a beer snob” (via Media Mutt). The brewery was also featured in a recent BoGlo piece on wit beers.

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Friday, September 4

Colucci's Hilltop Market

Now, why doesn't someone just tell us where to get the best Italian?

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