Friday, November 20

Shrimp share: Portland

Shrimp season starts December 1. What would it take to get a shrimp CSF in Portland?
“In order to make it feasible, we’d have to have 40 or more people sign up in any location,” Kim Libby told the BDN.
And apparently, there's already a pick-up location in the works.

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Veggie monstrosities

Three Scarborough girls protest Sesame Street's transformation of a cookie-eater into a veggie-eating monster, via PPH.

See also, an NPR interview with the Cookie Monster.

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Figa, Bangkok Thai and other random plywood

Figa plans to open the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 27.
Bangkok Thai has been closed for temporary renovations. Reopen date?
Central Maine Popcorn opened on Exchange St.
Binga's Wingas owner is in some hot saucy, um, redevelopment debate.

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Thursday, November 19

Blue Spoon burgers

A Hamburger Today hits the $10 grass-fed burgers at the Blue Spoon:
At first I was concerned about a lack of salt, but the more I ate the more I realized beef this good is fine without much sodium. In fact, it's better than fine. Clearly, the Blue Spoon knows it's best to let the meat speak for itself, via MPS.

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Monday, November 16

Uno Mas

Havana's in Bar Harbor plans to open a Latin-esque restaurant, Uno Mas at 52 Wharf Street, next year, via HN.


Monday, November 2

Foraged apple share