Wednesday, January 20

The Fox News

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

Outside the Front Room, Portland police say that Jome Murphy, a self-employed contractor who occasionally works for Harding Lee Smith, threw fox urine at ROC protesters. As the Press Herald reports, "Murphy now faces seven assault charges (and a lifetime of backwoods humor)." Smith had this to say:
"Everyone who lives in the building was pretty irritated by [the protests.] I think everyone on Munjoy Hill is," via Portland Daily Sun.
Smith also allegedly bailed out Jome and bought him drinks at the Front Room.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A plague o' both your houses.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The restaurant scene in Portland is very small. 95% of everyone in the industry has nothing good to say about Harding. I have personally never worked for Harding, but my girlfriend has and they refused to pay her for any of the hours that she worked over her scheduled 40. They are also forced to tip out and have to claim that money which they do not make in there taxes? Unfair! I look forward to his removal from the Portland Restaurant scene. He will be closed soon after screwing all his vendors, such as Browne Trading(screwed them), Dole and Bailey,(screwed them) just to mention 2. He is a true believer that the customer is never right....and he is not afraid to throw you out of his restaurant! Like he does to customers on a weekly basis! HardOnLeeShit

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The PPH article quotes a ROC member as saying that they will have a restaurant 'summit' in February, revealing the results of their 500 person survey and will unveil those restaurants and owners that are deemed to be of high moral and ethical character, whom in their eye's 'get it right'.. It will also apparently reveal those they want to 'target' as in need of their 'guidance'.
Restaurant owners of Portland beware.....the hunt has begun. With the smell of burning torches in the air and the chants of the inquisitors outside your front door.....'burn the witch, burn the witch, burn the witch'.
The wrath and scorn of ROC is upon you......not your business...but you personally...ROC is going after owners based on speculative information...'he said, she said' and character. If ever there was a reason for owning fox urine, it is now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where in the PPH article does it say that ROC will highlight anything but the best in their survey? Where are you getting this information from?

Anonymous Term Papers said...

"Everyone who lives in the building was pretty irritated by [the protests.] I think everyone on Munjoy Hill is," via Portland Daily Sun.


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