Monday, January 11

Harding v. ROC


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want breaks, go work in an office.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROC is a group attempting to unionize. They are a 'young' group but they are modeling their process of recruitment on older Restaurant Union models from NYC, Chicago or any other larger city where hotels and larger restaurants are staffed with union and non union staffs. Their attempt here in Maine to push small chef owned restaurants to 'comply' to union standards will be a hard battle and should be fought by all who value their jobs. Union dues are expensive and the lobbying involved on both side...employer and union are expensive and time consuming. If ROC were here to help 'protect' the workplace for all restaurant employees...they would not put the current staff at Harding's restaurants in jeopardy of losing their ability to earn a living by casting doubt on the integrity of the owners. Whether or not Harding is guilty of any the charges against him will be played out in court or a lawyer's office after an investigation of the facts involved.
ROC has an agenda......gather support from disgruntled workers, collect 'donations' to support THEIR cause and impose standards on small businesses that could never afford to staff and pay to adhere to their 'unionized' rules. This does not mean that employers cannot afford to follow state mandated laws governing employee means that 'unionized' rules act outside and beyond the state laws and hold employer's hostage with threats of organized walk outs and strikes.
ROC is not here to help. It is here to recruit....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROC is funded by George Soros and is linked to Acorn!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear that the leader of the ROC is a sekrit Muslim!

Blogger Stephen said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the first part of my adult working life I was a member of two union, 32B32J and Local 1101 in New York. Since then I've been working in the restaurant/bar industry (about 10yrs) in NYC and at no point have I ever felt that a union would have benefited myself or the people I have worked with. On the contrary union houses are the worst restaurants to eat in and the service is BY FAR the worst in the city. (Look no further than the review of the 4 Seasons, a union house, restaurant by Frank Bruni in the NY Times). I've eaten a the 21 Club and numerous other unionized restaurants and the experience was always awful. This isn't coal mining people it's slinging hash. Life in the kitchen is hard and front of the house work is not glamorous and requires more patience than we are given credit for but unions come on.
The majority of chefs are in this for life where as the majority of servers are transitory and just doing this till they figure out what is next. Don't destroy the dreams of people who are devoting their lives to this because they love it because you cant figure out whether to major in Art History or Philosophy. Peace from a colleague in NYC.


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