Thursday, January 7

Still open: Market Street Eats

Due to a reporting error in our Tuesday edition, Market Street Eats was listed among eateries closing last year. Actually, it remains very much open at 36 Market St. and is doing quite well, its owner notes, and intends to remain so for quite some time. We regret the error, via Portland Daily Sun.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Pat's Pizza was moving there, or are they moving to the old market street eats?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are moving to the old market street eats which is basically in the same building, just closer to fore street. You can see all the windows covered where it will be going, should take up a few of the old businesses. Still a little surprised they wouldn't opt for a location with some outdoor seating but I'm sure they'll do well there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat's Pizza is terrible. Why would anyone go there when Portland Pie is in town?


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