Monday, April 12

Plywood: Ramen edition

Masa Miyake has signed a lease on 188 State St., the old Local 188, for what will probably be a noodle bar sometime this fall. [Updated 4/21] More on Pai Mei Miyake.

Eric and Nancy Zhou, of Bubble Maineia are also reportedly opening a noodle bar at 15 Temple Street, the old Morrison's Chowder House.

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Blogger Melissa said...

I am excited to hear it. Maybe the Zhous will do some traditional Taiwanese beef noodle soup? That would be a great attempt at real Chinese food around town!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope and pray Miyake will do tonkotsu. Please?! So excited for this new venture. The more Miyake, the better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like many (most?) of the restaurant players in town are increasingly owning more than one place. A good thing? A bad thing? I guess we will see...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon enough all of the eateries in town will be owned by H.L. Smith, M. Miyake, Jay Villani or Lee Skawinski. Rise up Portland! Stop the monopolists!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or quadropolists, in this instance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would you want to stop Masa?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We want noodles


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