Thursday, September 16

Now Open: Little Seoul

Little Seoul restaurant, at 90 Exchange St., plans to opened in the space that was once The Greek Corner. Let's hope they skip an attempt at stop with the sushi and stick with the bibimbap and kimchi.

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Anonymous Marya said...

welcome back.

They've had the paper up for a while now-- any idea when they're planning to open?

Anonymous Melissa said...

Mild editing there, eh? Does anyone know what happened to The Greek Corner? Now we only have Whaddapita and Emilitsa, no in between...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's also the Greek guy in Monument Square, where Zarrah's was.

Anonymous Jennifer said...

Their pumpkin soup and jjang-bbong (a spicy seafood noodle soup dish) were so so yummy! Definitely my choice for authentic, delicious Korean food!!!


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