Wednesday, September 15

Now Open: Pai Men Miyake

Masa Miyake's noodle shop at 188 State Street is now open. Cash only until Friday. [Update] Photos here.

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Blogger Clare said...

I just went for lunch today and it was AWFUL. First off, they made everyone stand outside until 12.13 while the bartender stapled together drink menus (which I never recieved even though I was seated AT THE BAR) and walked in a lot of circles. Once inside, there was a good five minute delay from when I ordered and when he gave the order to the kitchen. The shumai I ordered ended up being tofu and shrimp, instead of the listed pork and shrimp. It was mushy, bland, and unapealing.
The bartender seemed less then concerned about why I didn't eat them.
My pork belly soup was eventually brought to me after sitting in my sight on the kitchen counter for several minutes, and had developed a thick gelatonous layer on top from all the fat cooling off. The first four bites were just nauseating jelly like fat. There were only about four tiny cuts of meat in my soup. The broth was bland and needed mass amounts of chili powder to give it ANY flavor, and $15 before tip later I am unhappy and still hungry.


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