Friday, October 29

Traitor Joe's

It's open. Before you go, read this:
Trader Joe's business tactics are often very much at odds with its image as the funky shop around the corner that sources its wares from local farms and food artisans, via Fortune.



Anonymous Max Durango said...

I agree completely. There is a facade of a grocer underdog; yet their product selection shows efficiency and a tight operation.

My quest is to determine the origin of their Thanksgiving Turkeys - I believe they are imported from China (or some place far). Cannot get a straight answer from any source, including the employees.

If you do not mind me plugging my blog: is the page with the Trader Joe's Rant .

Blogger PDX Glutton said...

Meh. I don't think it's that big of a deal. Trader Joe's is still preferable to Safeway - they sell better food, and practice better business.

Also, this article is riddled with unfounded insinuations:

"And finicky foodies probably don't like to think about how Trader Joe's scale enables the chain to sell a pound of organic lemons for $2."

Are they assuming that they're not truly organic? Or that underpaid illegal immigrants picked them? In the far off land of... California? Because they sure don't provide any evidence as such, but that sentence weighs pretty heavily on TJ's...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The image of Trader Joe's as a place to get products from local farms or food artisans is in the author's head. Trader Joe's certainly don't promote themselves as such on the East Coast, and I don' t know anyone who thinks of them that way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem. A Mom and Pop that made it big. It's the American Dream, come true. There's nothing damning in the article. Nobody is accusing them of any foul play, unethical business practices, etc. They seem to be pretty smart if you ask me.


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