Saturday, February 27

Winter market

There's a winter market today at 85 Free Street, from 10-1. The market got a late start because of additional permitting required in Portland, where the market is exclusively designed for farmers:
Larry Bruns of Hanson Field Flower Farm, who coordinates the Portland Farmers Market, said, "I don't know if at the time this was established there was a lobby from the fish markets on Commercial Street that didn't want competition, or if the city didn't want to regulate temperatures. As far as baked goods are concerned, there's always been an emphasis on keeping it farmers, via Press Herald [not live].
State legislators are also moving in the same direction with LD 1586, which would require 75 percent of vendors to grow 75 percent or more of what they're selling.

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Thursday, February 18

What the Presidents ate

Sandy Oliver talked to the Boston Globe:
Q. Thomas Jefferson had a great interest in food. He was a real gourmet?

A. That’s his reputation. He really liked good food. I don’t think that Washington has quite that same reputation.

Q. Maybe the wooden teeth hurt.

A. I know. Poor guy!

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Tuesday, February 16

Pandalus borealis

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