Sunday, September 26

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Saturday, September 25

Ice cream

Of all the ice cream nonsense published this summer, only one story was really worth reading. John Thorne's ode to eating with his mother in Maine:
You have to exercise special care when you tear open the wrapping to keep the loose peanut bits from spilling all over the rug. Once you catch these in your hand and eat them, you carefully bite into the hard chocolate coating, the curve of which keeps you from taking a large bite, via Bittman.

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Wednesday, September 22

Where the evil pixie kings roam

The Common Ground Fair is a source of inspiration. At least according to the author Carrie Jones:
As we were walking in, there was this guy wearing corduroy: corduroy pants, shirt and blazer, all in earth tones. That’s kind of freaky in itself, but he also had this huge fabric tail scrounging out from the back of his coat. I kept staring at it and staring at it. He smelled really bad too, like clothes that hadn’t been washed in ages and ages and ages, via PW.

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Tuesday, September 21

Alien Land…

Photo: Kris Larson,
via The Maine Blog

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Thursday, September 16

Now Open: Little Seoul

Little Seoul restaurant, at 90 Exchange St., plans to opened in the space that was once The Greek Corner. Let's hope they skip an attempt at stop with the sushi and stick with the bibimbap and kimchi.

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Wednesday, September 15

Now Open: Pai Men Miyake

Masa Miyake's noodle shop at 188 State Street is now open. Cash only until Friday. [Update] Photos here.

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