Friday, October 29

Traitor Joe's

It's open. Before you go, read this:
Trader Joe's business tactics are often very much at odds with its image as the funky shop around the corner that sources its wares from local farms and food artisans, via Fortune.


Wednesday, October 27


Photo: David Needleman


Friday, October 8

This is Nutz

The owner of Living Nutz raw food was arrested on charges of intent to distribute marijuana after federal agents allegedly saw him unload two duffels weighing 64 pounds.
Seth Leaf Pruzansky, who goes by the name Seth Leaf, has been a champion of the raw food movement in Maine. He also has been an advocate for the legalization of hemp production. The Pruzansky family owns Maine IntelliHemp, a company that makes lip balm and skin salve from hemp seed oil, via PPH.


Thursday, October 7


What does the world's best chef and his buddy David Chang want you to know about?
His team prepared 300 goodie bags — the brown ones they use at Milk Bar and other Momo establishments — filled with carrots, radishes, herbs, and a wild kiwi from Maine that was absolutely bonkers, via Eater.
And by bonkers, he means bonkers.

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Saturday, October 2

The Baumer

Mark Baumer walked across the country and blogged about it. Now, he's eating pizza every day and blogging about it. He was on TV and he blogged about it:
Rob Caldwell came into the studio. He was wearing pants. I asked him what kind of burrito he ate at Wild Burrito.

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